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              Tagged posts: 'release'

              1.10.5.Final fixes several important issues in Quarkus 1.10.

              1.10.3.Final fixes issues and comes with documentation improvements.

              Quarkus 1.10 has been released. JSON is now the default content type for your REST resources, multiple reactive datasources are supported and we added several registries to our Micrometer extension.

              1.9.2.Final fixes issues and comes with documentation improvements.

              1.9.1.Final fixes issues and comes with documentation improvements.

              Quarkus 1.9 has been released with lots of improvements on top of existing features.

              1.8.3.Final downgrades slf4j-jboss-logging to fix a regression.

              1.8.2.Final fixes some bugs and includes some documentation improvements.

              1.8.1.Final fixes some regressions and bugs and introduces the RESTEasy Multipart extension.

              Quarkus 1.8 has been released with multiple persistence units support, a Micrometer extension, jbang integration and an update to GraalVM 20.2.

              1.7.3.Final fixes some regressions and bugs.

              1.7.2.Final fixes some regressions and bugs.

              1.7.1.Final fixes some regressions and bugs.

              Quarkus 1.7 has been released with new extensions for Elasticsearch and Redis clients. It also brings significant improvements to Reactive routes and the Funqy serverless framework.

              1.6.1.Final fixes some regressions and bugs and also got some documentation improvements.

              Quarkus 1.6 has been released with AppCDS support, extensions for Google Cloud Functions, Reactive Db2 and Cassandra clients and has been upgraded to GraalVM 20.1.0.

              1.5.2.Final fixes some regressions and bugs.

              1.5.1.Final fixes some regressions and bugs.

              Quarkus 1.5 adds support for Picocli, gRPC, GraphQL and introduces more Amazon Services extensions. It also includes a new fast-jar packaging format.

              1.4.2.Final fixes some regressions and bugs.

              Quarkus 1.4 brings command mode, HTTP 2 support, a new FaaS framework called Funqy, new mocking features and much more.

              1.3.2.Final fixes some regressions with the Hibernate ORM extension and bugs related to the container image extensions.

              1.3.1.Final fixes some issues and bring some documentation improvements. Generated projects are now using Java 11 by default.

              Quarkus 1.3.0.Final comes with a new class loader infrastructure, GraalVM 20 support, 8 new extensions and a lot of bugfixes and improvements.

              1.2.1.Final fixes several issues in Quarkus and the documentation.

              GraalVM 19.3.1 support, Metrics, a brand new Cache extension, Vault Transit Secret engine, Quarkus 1.2.0.Final is here packed with new features.

              1.1.1.Final fixes several issues mostly in our Kotlin and Gradle support.

              Template engine, YAML configuration, Gradle improvements... learn more about what we have baked for you in 1.1.

              1.0.1.Final fixes an important security issue. Upgrade highly recommended.

              After two release candidates, we are happy to announce that Quarkus 1.0.0.Final has been released.

              We just released Quarkus 1.0.0.CR2 which is our last candidate release before Final. We plan to release Final on Monday 25th.

              0.28.1 is a bugfix release. We also made some changes to the guides and quickstarts URLs.

              More Amazon Lambda features, move to Jakarta, usability fixes, go find out what we baked for you.

              Quarkus 0.26.1 comes with bugfixes and doc improvements. It also adds an extension for Vault support.

              We continue on our journey to rewrite the security layer.

              0.24.0 relies on Eclipse Vert.x to serve your REST requests and introduces a new security layer.

              0.23.2 fixes the memory usage increase observed in 0.23.

              0.23.1 had a regression, please use 0.23.2.

              Quarkus 0.22.0 released

              We just released Quarkus 0.22.0 with improved Spring API support.

              Quarkus 0.21.2 released

              We just released Quarkus 0.21.2 fixing several bugs and usability issues. Time to upgrade.

              Quarkus 0.21.1 released

              We just released Quarkus 0.21.1. As for 0.20.0, to build native executables, you will need GraalVM 19.1.1. What’s new? This release is mostly about fixing bugs and usability issues. The Kafka Streams and Apache Tika extensions got their usability greatly improved for instance. You can find the full changelog of 0.21.0 and the few additional issues we fixed in 0.21.1 on GitHub. We have a lot of interesting things in the works so stay tuned...

              Quarkus 0.20.0 released

              We just released Quarkus 0.20.0. If you use Quarkus with GraalVM to build native executables, Quarkus 0.20.0 now requires GraalVM 19.1.1 so please upgrade your GraalVM installation. What’s new? Here are the main highlights of this release: Jackson extensions, OAuth2 extension, Camel extensions moved outside the Quarkus tree, a new MicroProfile REST Client implementation, Syslog support and a new guide for Azure deployments. Hibernate ORM multi-line support in import scripts We enabled multi-line support for...

              Quarkus 0.19.1 released

              We just released Quarkus 0.19.1. This new version brings a lot of new extensions, especially in the persistence area. Quarkus 0.19.1 is still targeting GraalVM 19.0.2 as we discovered a bug in GraalVM 19.1.0 that affects Quarkus. The issue is already fixed but we are waiting for a 19.1.1 release. What’s new? Here are the main highlights of this release: MongoDB support, Neo4J support, Amazon DynamoDB support, Apache Tika support, Reactive Messaging MQTT support and...

              Quarkus 0.18.0 released

              Quarkus 0.18.0 was just released and is now available on Maven Central. We usually release Quarkus every two weeks and it has just been a week since our last release so why release 0.18.0 so soon? Well, we have some good news to share: Quarkus now supports GraalVM 19 (requires it, even) and we wanted to put this version in your hands as quickly as possible. What’s new? Here are the main highlights of this...