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              Quarkus - Get Started

              You need an IDE like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, VSCode or even Vim or Emacs!
              You need a a JDK 8 or 11+ (any distribution)
              Optionally get GraalVM 20.2.0 for native compilation
              Start Coding with Quarkus 1.10.2.Final [announce|changelog]

              Be Guided Through Your First Application

              This guide covers:

              • Bootstrapping an application
              • Creating a JAX-RS endpoint
              • Injecting beans
              • Functional tests
              • Packaging of the application

              READ THE GUIDE

              Getting Started with Reactive

              Learn how to create a reactive application with Quarkus and explore the different reactive features offered by Quarkus. This guide covers:

              • A quick glance at the Quarkus engine and how it enables reactive
              • A brief introduction to Mutiny - the reactive programming library used by Quarkus
              • Bootstrapping a reactive application
              • Creating a reactive JAX-RS endpoint (asynchronous, streams…)
              • Using reactive database access
              • Interacting with other reactive APIs

              READ THE GUIDE

              Quickly Bootstrap Your Application

              With code.m.yzsaldq.com, in a few clicks, you can bootstrap your Quarkus application and discover its extension ecosystem.

              Explore the wide breadth of technologies Quarkus applications can be made with.

              START CODING

              Building Native Executables

              This guide covers:

              • Compiling the application to a native executable
              • The packaging of an application in a Docker container

              This guide requires:

              READ THE GUIDE

              Using our Tooling

              Quarkus comes with a toolchain enabling developers from live reload all the way down to deploying a Kubernetes application. In this guide, we will explore:

              • how to use Maven as a build tool
              • how to use Gradle as a build tool
              • how to use the native CLI for your toolchain (coming soon)
              • how to create and scaffold a new project
              • how to deal with extensions
              • how to enable live reload
              • how to develop your application in your IDE
              • how to compile your application natively

              READ THE GUIDE